LOIS PALM (1990) her biggest passion is photography and film. Since she gratuated from AMFI, where she studied Fashion & Branding, she could finally turn her passion into a freelance job. Creating cool visual identities for all kinds of brands!

She’s mainly focusing on daylight photography in food, fashion and lifestyle sectors. Recently she fell in love with analog photography, wich gives an image a more authenthic and ‘vintage’ kind of look.

“I also like the fact that you really have to be careful of what you’re snapping, because you can’t go on and on clicking the button, like you can with digital cameras. You just cannot go wrong.”

What’s important for me is that the concept of your brand really comes through in the final result. I love to get inspired by art, design, magazines, Pinterest – build on it and take the ideas to a new level. Therefore I also make films, e.g short clips for your brand that you can use on your website, social media and other visual mediums.

Please don’t hesitate to say hello:
+316 51 22 87 58