visual artist, photographer
and filmmaker

Visonary Dreamworlds

Hi, this is me.

photography and film

I’m a photographer, filmmaker and visual artist based in Amsterdam.

After I gratuated from Amsterdam Fashion Instistute,
I’ve worked as freelancer for several brands, which I provided graphic design. Photography and film was a thing I loved doing in my free time. After capturing a wedding of a good friend of mine, the ball started to roll, and I slowly I’ve got more and more projects where I photographed or filmed.

I decided to stop doing graphic design and totally focus on photography and film. I’ve got already so many beautiful people in front of my camera. I’m always trying to find the essence, their own style. Wether it’s a person, brand or business that’s in front of my camera. I visually translate it in a form what is close to them. 

Dream Worlds.

visual artworks

During the Convid-period I liked to stay a bit creative. All my projects where post-phoned or cancelled. Like everyone else I was forced to sit at home. At home I started experimentating with flowers, plants and other elements of nature. Nature symbolizes for me all kind of things. Grow, healing, life, death, beauty, the Universe.

I started to have daily walks in the nature and it made me feel so calm.Especcially these days,  where the world turns inside out. The universe is changing. In good and in bad ways.

But let’s not forget that we are healing from a certain point. Gratefullness for where we are now is so important. Something I try to practice every day. And thát feeling, the feeling of being calm, relievement, relaxation and that everything is going to be allright.

It’s a dreamworld i’d like to enter myself and like to stay in for a while.
And I hope you want to enter it together with me.